Sam Shorrosh

Mastering Your Property Insurance Claim

Mastering Your Property Insurance Claim is a book with a message: You CAN file and complete an insurance claim, for yourself. Author Sam Shorrosh’s book represents a compilation of answers to the most common questions asked by customers over a decade-long career in claims work. He offers keen, timely insight, from the perspective of an insurance professional insider, who understands policies and their language and isn’t afraid to pull back the curtain on how to have your best claim.


I started in 2020

I started in 2020 with the goal of publishing books that help people get answers to their life questions.  Find here…

Love From Clients

What others have to say

This book offers the answers to so many questions people ask. I know, because I sat next to Sam for almost a year, as I heard him patiently answer every question asked by customers. I always enjoyed the warmth and caring attitude he expressed over the phone while translating complex insurance principles and policy verbiage into language anyone could understand.

M. Kelley. Adjuster

I was new to the field of claims adjusting. Thankfully, I was paired with Mr. Shorrosh to learn how to explain the policy to customers. My manager told me Sam would be great to work with and would teach me how to give exceptional customer service. I listened and watched as he settled hundreds of claims, winning customer service awards and helping people.

R. Thompson, Adjuster

Sam was a godsend. When a hurricane forced me and my nine foster kids to flee in our cars, we had nowhere to go and lacked the funds for a hotel. We slept in a couple of cars the first night but when I spoke to Sam the next day, he wasted no time getting us housing, arranging things so we could all stay together. Sam worked with our contractors and negotiated on our behalf to get our home rebuilt in record time, calling often to check on us. Sam’s patience and kindness were so unexpected and by the time we moved back in, Sam had equipped me to become the subject matter expert on claims, that my family and friends look to today. I was one of the people who told Sam he should write a book because what he shared meant so much to me and I knew my friends would benefit from having a copy. Best wishes

M. Washington